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First Sprouts


This doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s our first planting of peas!  What you can actually see in the photo are the lines of oats.  The peas are planted next to each line of oats, and are just beginning to germinate.  I’ll snap a close-up photo of the peas soon (i’m having issues with my camera)…  The oats grow faster than the peas, and will serve as a natural trellis for the peas.  These are bush peas–one shelling variety, and one sugar snap variety–which means they don’t grow much higher than three feet.  The oats will keep them off the ground, make it easier to harvest the peas, and will save us a ton of time and effort.  These were planted about a week and a half ago–it’s such a relief to find them sprouting!

To the right of the peas are fava beans.    They are just beginning to germinate–one here, another there.  I haven’t had the heart to weed them yet (see all the dandelions?).  I’d rather wait until the roots are a little more established, and I can see the rows better.  Don’t want to risk pulling them out!  Fava beans are another name for broad beans.  They are harvested by the pod, and the beans inside remind me of lima beans.  They are an Italian favorite.  If you’ve never heard of them, don’t worry–you’ll get a fact sheet with recipes and other info at distribution.  In the meantime, just google “Fava Bean.”

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