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Spring has been coming for a while.  The trees have budded, the hyacinths are fading, and the birds have already built their nests.  I even found a broken robin’s egg the other day.  For me, though, spring is officially here when the tulips bloom.  As a kid, I’d always pick daffodils for my mom.  They were bright yellow and green–but everything else still looked lifeless.  When the tulips are blooming, everything else looks alive again.  Tulips tell me that spring has decided to stay…no more second thoughts!

The shorter tulips in our yard–red, white, and pink–bloomed earlier last week.  These orange, yellow, and purple tulips bloomed on Saturday.  They’re my favorites!  The pictures don’t  do them justice.  Sunday was the first day I noticed SHADE–another “officially spring” occurrence!  When does spring “happen” for you?


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